Advance Your Career – ASAP!

by Alexandra Pauline – April 9, 2012

Promote Yourself to the Top

If you’re lucky enough to be working in a field that you love, and you want that promotion, the best way to make sure you’re not passed over is by making yourself STAND OUT as an invaluable employee.  Fab & Fru is here to help you be your own marketing team, for the best product you have: YOURSELF!

Brand, Value, Rapport

The first step to becoming a star employee is branding – establish who you are as an employee, and where you want to go in the company.  Decide how you’re hoping to grow beyond your current position, envision it and assert that image – with graceful confidence – to your superiors and colleagues.  Establish your value by formulating what makes you indispensable – master that talent and you’ll surely be noticed.  Focus on building your value by respecting everyone – at all levels – by getting to know a little more about them.  Fostering strong relationships with your clients, boss and support staff will lead them all to invest in you now and in the future.

Me First

A great way to get noticed is to be first!  This means being the first to the office, the first to meetings and doing things without being asked.  Initiative has always been the best way to get ahead, so do your research!  Find out what projects your boss is interested in working on and be the first to present relevant information.  Your colleagues will appreciate the help, and you’ll seem extra interested in the company’s TIMELY progress!  Problem solving and going beyond what’s expected of you is the BEST way to become indispensable.

Become a Reference Desk

In addition to keeping yourself looking the part – make sure your desk does too.  Look savvy by keeping a bookshelf behind your desk, and stock it with books pertaining to your field.  This act is NOT just for show.  Being versed in the latest trends pertaining to your business is an excellent conversation starter to help you build rapport with your boss, while showing your commitment to moving up in your field.  This readiness makes you look like an employee who really knows, and is INTERESTED in what she does – and if someone does have a question about something, you will be the go-to-girl in the department!

Speak Up

Don’t be a wallflower in you next meeting – stand out by speaking up!  If a problem is presented, offer a solution versus inciting an argument.  This also allows you to get feedback on ideas you may have regarding a certain project you want to be team leader on, or an area that happens to be your specialty.  Show that you’re giving thought to the issues that the company is facing, and highlight your talent AND dedication!

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4 Responses to “Advance Your Career – ASAP!”

  1. Kellie Knapp says:

    Great tips! These have all worked wonders for me!

  2. Simone says:

    I think that the tips themselves are good, however, the concept is flawed. The author, A. Pauline, puts an emphasis on “ASAP!”. Sorry, but it doesn’t work that way, and she’s setting young career people up for impatience, frustration as well as an entitled attitude.
    I see it all the time. People, still in their twenties, who are good at their job, and then disappointed and angry that they’re passed over for a big promotion with only a couple of years experience.
    I think she’s doing them – and the companies they work for – a huge disservice, by saying things like “if you follow these rules you’ll have the corner office in no time”. It takes time to learn the ropes of your industry, there’s no crash course on experience.

    She’s also doing a disservice to people who LIKE their jobs at the level they are. I’m a writer and I love it. Because I’m good at what I do, (and I have all the traits she points out, as they come naturally to me) but I’ve now been kicked UP the ladder to a bigger job, with more people reporting to me, more responsibility for many people as well as the bottom line. And now I have less time to do what I like best…writing. Sometimes the bigger paycheck doesn’t make up for the added stress, longer hours, and being responsible for the actions of others. I can’t go back “down” to my old job, however, I’m actually thinking of trying to build up a freelance clientele, and leaving my pretty corner office and the perqs that come with it, and going back to being only responsible for the work of one person….me.

    • Steph says:

      Hi Simone, Thanks for your comment. Just to clarify, the “ASAP” part was meant to show there are changes we can all make -TODAY – in our behavior and attitude in the workplace. We totally agree that there is no easy route to promotions and that it takes time and determination to advance – we did not mean to imply that promotions should take place immediately. But we do think there are simple things we all can do -asap – to help us along the path to advancement. So often small changes end up making a big difference in your overall career trajectory. Thanks for writing in and for reading Fab & Fru – we love getting feedback!

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