Get Cash Back For Shopping

by Liz Bronson – April 19, 2012

Shop & Save With Ebates

Don’t you just love opening the mail and finding a big fat check?  If your answer is, “Nope!”  then this probably isn’t the article for you.  For everyone else,  let me introduce you to my best online shopping friend -  If you play it right, Ebates will save you money each time you shop online, and then send you cash back four times a year for the online shopping you’re doing anyway.

Sharing the Commission

Sound too good to be true?  It’s not.  Ebates is a shopping portal for over 1,500 stores.  Instead of keeping all of the commission they make from the stores when you shop, they give a portion back to their customers!

Easy Money 

Thank goodness, Ebates is user friendly.  All you need to do is log into Ebates, and then choose whichever store you want to shop at – Target (3%), (6%), Macys (3%), Ace Hardware (4%), TurboTax (8%) and even places you wouldn’t think of like Groupon (3%) or Omaha Steaks (3.5%) – and Ebates will send you to the site of your choice.  You shop as usual, and voila, big fat checks come your way.

Cracking the Code

Ebates also has coupon codes for the stores you are shopping at, so you can know if you’re going to get free shipping, or 10% on top of your cash back.  Yes, it’s a one-stop bargain shop.

Discover New Sites

I’ve discovered numerous new stores for bargain hunting on Ebates.  I used to be a Zappos fan, but since joining Ebates, I’ve discovered has an 8% cash back deal plus no shipping and no tax.  I’m in heaven.  And if I can’t find the shoes I want there, I can try Piperlime (5%), Nordstrom (3%), Macys, Bloomindales (3%) or Saks (3%).  Some stores’ cash back amounts change frequently, so you can shop when they’re high and get back even more, - I’ve gotten Nordstrom at 5% and Old Navy up to 12%!

Save at Smaller Sites Too

Even when stores have smaller discounts, like at 1%, the cash can really add up.  I probably spent $800 at before I discovered Ebates (2 kids 23 months apart with a husband on the road 80% of the time = a lot of online shopping).  That’s $8 more bucks that I could have added to my Big Fat Check, or in my Paypal account, or donated to charity.

More Money

Bottom line, whether it’s a ceiling fan or a wedding dress, toys or toothbrushes, there is money to be saved by starting your online strategic shopping spree at Ebates.

For more from guest writer Liz Bronson, be sure to check out her website Weekday Solo Mommy! We have so many friends whose husbands travel during the week for work, and Liz’s site is a great resource for those of you dealing with being a solo mommy during the week! 

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5 Responses to “Get Cash Back For Shopping”

  1. They only pay 4 times per year? I didnt know that. That is fairly infrequent by my standards and experience.

    I think there are many factors to assess cashback programs by. For instance, number of stores, affiliate commissions, comparision shopping, etc.

    For a review of cashback programs based purely on compensation structure, please see my report –

    • Liz Bronson says:

      Wow- thanks for the tips, Terrence. I hadn’t heard of any of those, but I’ll check them out. The more money I can get for the shopping I’m doing anyway, the better!

  2. Amy says:

    But don’t you end up paying more for this service anyway? Like, if you buy the stuff through them instead than straight from the manufacturers, they are charging a higher price, right? So in the end it’s not like you are saving money…

  3. Liz says:

    Nope- exact same prices no matter how you shop (I’ve compared). You use their portal, but then it’s the same website/prices you would get if you didn’t go through Ebates. Happy shopping!

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