Understanding ‘Obamacare’

by Brandi Savitt – April 12, 2012

Preparing for the Changing Healthcare System

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking with patient advocate, PhD and former New York State Lieutenant Governor Besty McCaughey about the release of her new eBook, “Decoding the Obama Health Law: What You Need To Know.”  McCaughey is well known for her often controversial push back on healthcare reform and the current Patient Protection & Affordable Healthcare Act.

A Republican, Dr. McCaughey deciphered the whopping 2,572 pages of  the new Affordable Healthcare Act in an attempt to provide Americans with a bi-partisan summary to help us all prepare for the changes in our healthcare system that will likely go into full effect come 2013-14.  And while her book does not consistently achieve a bi-partisan tone, McCaughey’s passion about finding a solution that will offer all Americans affordable healthcare is undeniable.  The problem: she doesn’t believe the Affordable Health Act is that solution…

Take a Peek Inside the Book – Winners & Losers

*Excerpt from  “Decoding the Obama Health Law: What You Need To Know”

The Winners

    • Low-income, childless adults who did not qualify Medicaid but will, as of 2014.
    • Households earning up to $92,200 for a family of four who pay for their own insurance.  As of 2014, they will get a subsidy funded by taxpayers.
    • Young adults are eligible to stay on their parents’ health plan until age 26.
    • People in their fifties who would pay more for health insurance if younger adults were permitted to pay less.  New pricing rules force younger customers to subsidize middle-aged customers.
    • Insurance companies are winners and losers.  They are guaranteed customers.  The law forces you to buy their product.  But, on February 29, 2012 Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius told Congress the private  insurance market is in a “death spiral.”  Blame Obamacare’s costly regulations.
    • Chronically ill patients will benefit from rules barring insurers from putting lifetime caps on your care.
    • Newcomers to the U.S. – The law expands programs to serve people of diverse languages and cultures, regardless of immigration status.
    • Racial and ethnic minorities will benefit from federally funded programs to train a diverse healthcare workforce.
    • Government employees – Obamacare is causing the federal government to add workers at a rapid pace.  The Department of Health and Human Services increased spending 15% in 2009 and 2010, staffing up to write more regulations pertaining to the new law.  Federal actuaries predict that government spending on healthcare administration – bureaucrats and regulations – will soar from $29 billion in 2008 to more than $71 billion in 2020.
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6 Responses to “Understanding ‘Obamacare’”

  1. Simone says:

    Obama’s death panel predictions will come true. For seniors, less care, means “comfort care”, ie, keep you out of pain until you die. And those of us not seniors yet will be forced to pay for people who sneak into this country illegally, while we let Americans die.

    No worries for Obama, he’s a multi millionaire, he’ll always be able to afford the healthcare he and his family needs. Oh, and being a govt official, he gets a Rolls Royce health care plan too.
    His answer to the rest of us, “too bad” for you. I’M covered, so YOU, who’ve worked hard all your life and paid your taxes, simply don’t matter anymore.

    Hospitals will be forced to close, medical school students will go into high paying elective fields like plastic surgery, because as a regular MD, Obama will not only cut their pay, but will breathe down their necks and not allow them to make medical decisions. Our medical decisions will be made by CEO’s who will earn big bucks and get even bigger bonus’s for every treatment denied.
    A vote for him in the next election is a vote for less and poorer health care and a quicker ride to your grave.

  2. Debbie Terry says:

    The word “Obamacare” is a Republican word used as a perjorative. It is very insulting to use it. You can’t have a fair discussion if you preface the story like that.
    We have socialized schools, and social security and people need social medicine. It is a good thing. And, I will be voting for Obama and not for Mitt Romney who is so rich he doesn’t need healthcare – I doubt if he even knows what health insurance is. He has five sons each with a $100 million trust fund.

  3. Bob Smith says:

    How long before Obama decides how many children we can have? I was a Democrat before Obama took office and now I am a Republican you know why, I see this Country being rules by a dictator. By a man who is more concerned with being a “rock star” then an actual president.

    Now I know most of you are asing “How do i Really feel.”

  4. louie says:

    Quite certainly there is good reason and need for healthcare reform. But… the simplicity of the needed reforms do not extend to the demolition of a working health care innovative system that has been the envy of the entire world. Dr. McCaughey is telling us that a family making $92K after deductions needs health care subsidies? Are you kidding me? What’s needed in the system to address is quite simple: portability of Insurance, Insurance Company’s that can cross state lines, pre-existing conditions needing acceptability and major Tort Reform for Malpractice suites, to eliminate batteries of unnessary tests to cover their butts. Have we all forgotten that even the homeless get medical treatment for free now? Maybe you haven’t visited an emergency room lately to see kids brought in for a cold. This Obama act is simply a power grab to get total control over the population. It will drive Insurance companies out of business and shortly lead to a governmental controlled single payer system, as was originally intended. What I recommend to all of you is to have a brief conversation with your personal physician and ask what this will do to their practices and patients. If you have any doubts, that will clear your minds quickly and easily. Has anyone wondered why affluent Canadians and Europeans come to the U.S. for medical treatment, when their own socialist medical systems provide it for free? Voter/Buyer Beware. If it looks like it, smells like it, tastes like it…..it usually is IT.

  5. Simone says:

    Louie, Bob,

    Sadly you’re both so right in everything you’ve said.

    Bob, I too was a Democrat all my voting life, but I saw Obama’s dictatorship leanings before the election and knew this man had his own agenda which would clearly hurt the American dream, run us into a debt that could be our ruin, and for the first time in my life I voted for a Republican.

    My vote goes to: ABO – Anyone But Obama

    Maybe the US can make some money and sell the Constitution on eBay? We’re not using it anymore.

  6. Beverly Coyne says:

    Can someone explain why this isn’t in book form but only on Kindle? I love my Kindle but as a “reference book” it doesn’t cut it. How can I get the “printed word” in book form? I am reading it on Kindle now and so far it is very enlightening. I would like to share with friends and co-workers but not everyone is into Kindles and Nooks.

Any Thoughts?