Week In Review

From Bunny Money to the Masters

Easter Spending is Hopping

Americans are expected to spend a whopping $16.8 BILLION on Easter this year – up 11% from last year.  We still love Peeps, but if you’re looking for a healthier, organic Easter treat, be sure to check out our staff’s favorite brand, Yummy Earth.  And to my fellow Passover celebrators out there – I am guessing the increase in pricey, gourmet macaroons must in some way bode well for the economy!

Texas Tornadoes

This week’s Dallas/Fort-Worth area tornadoes caused millions of dollars in damaged property – this is in addition to the nearly $2 billion dollars insurers have already been hit with during the 2012 tornado season.  The major miracle in all this?  Despite all of the destruction in Texas, there have been NO reported fatalities – something we can all be thankful for this holiday weekend, no matter what you celebrate!

Hiring Down In March

Confused as to why the stock market has been on a tear even though 12.7 millions Americans remain out of work?  So are we.  March’s dismal jobs report was a reminder that there is no miracle cure to this recession.

No Girls Allowed

In what could be the most important fashion question of the week, we’re wondering what IBM CEO Virigina Rometty will be wearing when she makes an appearance at the Master’s Golf Tournament in the coming days.  Any chance she might finally get to sport that same (not so fashionable) green jacket that her male predecessors have worn?

And on that note…  We hope you enjoy your holiday weekend.  Happy Spring!

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One Response to “Week In Review”

  1. louie says:

    I believe we’ve seen a market correction, showing it’s ugly head this past week. You’ve posed the question about hiring metrics and others that normally effected markets predictably in the past. I’ve heard some interesting comments from the heads of some very prominent funds concluding that the markets are now being driven by “Politics” rather than just traditional metrics. When they refer to Politics they are referring to World Politics, not just what’s happening in the good old U.S of A. Uncertainty is what effects business and markets. Risks and Investments won’t be spurred on until we all know what is actually going to happen. And no matter what you hear on the news or read in the papers or Web, the U.S. is still the safe haven not only for us, but the international communities as well.

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