Week In Review

From Mad Cows to Mortgages!

Costco Mortgages

Multitaskers: Rejoice! You can finally purchase a home AND shop for bulk containers of sweet pickles – all at the same time. Yes – you can now obtain a mortgage through Costco.  No word yet on if they are offering free bulk containers of Kleenex for those of us still weeping about money lost in the ongoing housing crisis.

A Mad Cow

A deceased dairy cow in California tested positive for Mad Cow disease this week.  And while we don’t think this one Cali cow will have the same effect on the beef industry as Oprah did a few years back, there is likely to be an economic hit to the industry any time the words “Mad Cow” are “uddered.” - Sorry, I just couldn’t resist….

Sex, Lies, and Videotape

John Edwards is back in the news – the former trial attorney and presidential hopeful is on trial himself. Edwards is accused of  misusing political donations from wealthy backers to pay for the care and housing of his pregnant mistress, former campaign videographer Rielle Hunter. Which, like so many news stories, begs the question: why can’t these guys just keep it in their pants?

The Obamas’ Student Loans

The political battle over student loans isn’t going away. Last Friday, the White House threatened to veto a bill to keep interest rates on a popular kind of loan from doubling come July 1, and Republican candidate Romney also agreed.   President Obama said in a speech this week that he and Michelle only finished paying off their student loans 8 years ago, and he wants to strive to keep that money in recent graduates pockets.  The problem: where is the government going to make up the difference?

How was your week?


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One Response to “Week In Review”

  1. louie says:

    student loan rates should not be tied to a past arbitrary % payback from an outdated time. This is a bipartisan issue that is mostly agreed with. This is a rate issue rather than a do issue. We, the Gov’t., should not lose money on the loans, but we shouldn’t be making a usury profit on them either. What our pres. is doing is making a campaign issue out of this rather than leading Congress as he’s supposed to do. Let’s stop listening to the B.S. and get back to reality. Let Congress stand up and do their job in a timely and proper manner, for the good of the country, and not falsely allow this pending issue to become a presidential campaign smoke screen, diverting from the real issues.

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