Get Deals On Your Favorite Drinks!

This time of year staying hydrated is KEY!¬† So Fab & Fru has got some awesome deals on drinks for you. ¬†Whether you’re looking for a lactose free alternative to put on your favorite breakfast cereal, or some crystal clear H2O to go with your evening run – Whole Foods is your one stop beverage shop!

$1.00 off any two cartons of Shelf Stable Blue Almond Breeze

75 cents off any one Earth Balance Soy Milk

$1.00 off any one IZZE 4-pack 12-oz Glass

$3.00 off any one Glaceau Smart Water 1 liter case of 12 bottles

50 cents off any one bottle Glaceau Vitamin Water or Vitamin Water Zero

I’ll drink to that!


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