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From the Big Fish to the White Whale

Obama Supports Gay Marriage

With a little nudge from Joe Biden, President Obama finally stated his support for same-sex marriage this week!  This, of course, is all in response to North Carolina vote to make same-sex marriage and civil unions illegal.  This week Fab & Fru took a look at the financial discrimination faced by homosexual couples in the US – be sure to check out our article to find out more about ”Money and Same Sex Marriage.

The White Whale Blows at JP Morgan

Well, they say hindsight is 20/20.  And while we’re not exactly sure who had the blinders on over at JP Morgan, one thing is clear: a London-based employee known alternately as the “White Whale” and “Voldemort” lost $2 billion dollars in bad trades for the firm in the past 6 weeks.  Even more impressive than his nicknames?  The fact that he was supposedly trading to reduce risk for the financial giant.  Oops…

France Says Au Revior To Sarkozy

The French voted President Nicholas Sarkozy out of office, and instead said bonjour to Socialist candidate Francois Hollande.  Am I the only one who will miss seeing Carla Bruni in her tres chic ensembles as first lady?

Seeing Stars

Speaking of Presidents, last night George Clooney hosted a star studded fundraiser for his special guest, President Obama.  At $40,000 per ticket, dinner was definitely Fabulous and NOT Frugal.  The event was expected to raise about $15 million – a record for one night.  Even more shocking?  Though we all braced for “Starmageddon,” the traffic here in LA was not nearly as bad as we expected – now that’s impressive!

Have a Happy Mother’s Day weekend!

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