Week In Review

From Voting in Egypt to the Value of Facebook…

Facebook Investors: What’s On Your Mind?

The frenzy to buy FB stock has turned into a frenzy of lawsuits.  The main issue: did Morgan Stanley (the IPO’s leading underwriter) disclose information regarding reduced revenue expectations for Facebook only to a handful of clients – leaving other investors in the dark?  Stay tuned for the status updates on FB…

Egypt Elections

It’s a historic week for Egypt – the country held it’s first FREE presidential elections ever.  Many Americans might not realize that in the past when President Mubarak was “elected,”  it was always in an unopposed, rigged “election.”  Go Egypt!

Moving on up!

While the housing market struggles to recovery across most of the nation, New York City has just seen it’s highest apartment sale EVER.  An unnamed buyer paid more than $90 million for a Midtown Manhattan penthouse – negotiated down from the $98.5 million dollar asking price…  While the 11,000 sq ft 90th floor duplex condo undoubtedly has some killer views, my 1,000 sq ft fourth floor penthouse in Brooklyn is starting to look like the deal of the century!

Motoring on Memorial Day

It looks like more Americans than last year will be filling up their tanks and hitting the road this Memorial Day Weekend, thanks to slightly lower gas prices.  Another way to save even more?  Stay home and entertain with our FAB Mediterranean Memorial Day Recipes!

How Was Your Week?

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