Small Change Can Make A Big Impact

by Stephanie Berenbaum – June 6th, 2012

Your Neighborhood Kids Need You

We all know the bad news: our local schools and shelters are really suffering in this crap economy.  The good news?  Most of YOU still probably have it within your means to make a huge difference in your communities – with what basically amounts to small change from your pockets.

Even if you can’t donate as much to those in need as you have in the past, check out these Fab & Fru ways to make a huge difference – with relatively small sums of money …

Socks Rock

My sons’ school organizes a shoe donation each year for the children of a very poor elementary school in our city.  This year, one story particularly moved me – one of the little boys opened up his new shoes and also found a new pair of socks in there.  He had been wearing the same pair of dirty socks to school every day and was so happy to have a new, clean pair that he literally burst into tears.  So it got us thinking…

Even if you don’t have the time to organize an entire shoe donation program – or the money to donate a new pair of shoes – consider donating a bag of clean socks to a local school or day care center in need.  You can get bags of ten pairs at Target for 5 bucks, and immediately improve the day to day existence of kids in your community.

Just pick up the phone and call the principal and find out if they would like this type of donation.  Something as simple and inexpensive as clean socks and underwear may seem like nothing to you, but is a huge help to local kids living near the poverty line.

Be The Gift Fairy

Most cities have family shelters filled with children who would otherwise be homeless.  One of our friends buys birthday gifts for all the kids living in a local shelter, and it fills her with such joy to do so!

All it took was a brief phone call to the shelter director to ask if anyone was providing bday gifts for the kids. This particular shelter usually has 3 birthdays a month – so it adds up to maybe an extra $30 per month for our friend – which she honestly doesn’t even miss.

Auto Order For Others

One thing we constantly hear from shelters and low income day care centers is how hard it is for families to afford the cost of diapers and toiletries. One of our friends has a great solution.  She has “auto orders” set up for herself on Amazon, so she set up an auto-order delivery of a box of diapers a month to a local shelter.  She can easily afford the extra $20 per month, and since it is set up automatically she doesn’t even think about it!

Every Little Bit Counts

That’s truly the feedback we hear from those in need in our community.  You may think that an extra pair of socks or a few diapers won’t have any impact – but believe us, it does!  So pick up the phone, call a local school or shelter, and in just a few minutes you may be making a very Fab & Fru impact on the life of a very grateful child!


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  1. Molly says:

    Some great ideas! I’m going check out some local charities and see what I can do too!

    Thanks for a great post

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