Kick Start Your Creativity

by Brandi Savitt – June 7, 2012

Affordable Funding for the Arts

At this point, most of you have probably heard about Kickstarter and the trend of crowd funding.  But what do you really know about this Fab & Fru way to become part of a creative community that helps make cool projects a reality?

Get Inspired By Welcome to Kutsher’s

When our friends Caroline and Ian announced their Kickstarter campaign last week to raise $10,000 to help finish their documentary on the famous Catskills Resort- Kutsher’s - (think Dirty Dancing), we got inspired by their story and the power of Kickstarter…

For the last five years, Caroline and Ian have been capturing the magic of a time gone by in Jewish American and entertainment history.  And now, if all goes as planned, by June 27th they will have enough funds raised from friends, family, and creativity enthusiasts like you to complete their film Welcome to Kutsher’s – and release this extraordinary time capsule for the world to see.

So, What Does Kickstarter Do?

Kickstarter is an online funding platform for creative projects.  It allows you to raise money for – or donate to – all sorts of artistic projects including film, fine art and the culinary arts.  Kickstarter provides a structure and credibility to people’s artistic endeavors by creating a community of supporters around their project.  Plus, it inspires those of us who love being around creativity to get involved and make a difference for as little as $10 bucks – how Fab & Fru is that?!

Why Give to a Kickstarter Campaign?

Kickstarter is completely dedicated to the arts.  They will not help you fund your business, your charity, or your wedding.  It is meant to promote and encourage the creation and funding of artful projects – and artful projects only.

One of the best parts about giving to a Kickstarter campaign is that your contribution can be as big or small as you like, and your credit card is not charged unless the project reaches its entire funding goal.  This is reassuring because Kickstarter forces every project to really evaluate their budget and determine how much they actually need to complete their proposed project.  If the community does not raise the full amount needed, that project will not receive any of the funds raised.  It’s all or nothing – get fully funded or go home!

Calling All Creative Types!

So, if you have dreams of becoming a film producer – but your budget is $10 instead of $10 million – Kickstarter is a very Fab & Fru place to get started.  Many of the film projects on Kickstarter will actually give you some sort of thank you or producer credit depending on your donation – so, who knows – your donation might actually end up giving you the kick you need to pursue your creative dreams!


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2 Responses to “Kick Start Your Creativity”

  1. louie says:

    Great Idea !!! Had no knowledge of this type of funding out there. This actually is how it should be, in a Country that does not fund the Arts. Again, a vehicle for personal choice, and that’s how it should be.

  2. Ian says:

    Great explanation of the Kickstarter experience and benefits! We’ll keep you posted on the progess of our campaign for “Welcome to Kutsher’s”.

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