Picking Up The Tab?

A couple of months ago, Debra introduced her friend Joanne to Michael  – who happens to own a successful emerging tech company, and was looking for a senior project manager.  After weeks of negotiating, it looked like the deal was almost sealed and Joanne would be starting her new gig in just a couple of weeks…

Cut to last week, Debra was visiting New York, and she and Joanne invited Michael to meet them at a pricey sushi restaurant for lunch.  When the bill came, Michael graciously picked up the $175 tab.

Since they had a feeling Michael would insist on treating them to lunch, should the women have picked a more reasonably priced restaurant to be polite?  Or since they invited him, should they have insisted on paying?  What would you have done?

Tell us what you think!

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3 Responses to “Picking Up The Tab?”

  1. Simone says:

    Michael owns the company and Joanne is going to start working for him shortly, so yes, it was likely that Michael would pick up the tab.

    Should they have picked a less expensive place depends on a couple of things, one being, Is this the kind of place Michael would normally go to if he were selecting?

    I used to have a boss that was kind of cheap in many areas, however, when it came to food, money was no object. When he would offer to take me to lunch, I would suggest a moderate place and he’d make a sour face and choose another place that would cost about $100. for the two of us. When he ordered bagels and pastries for morning meetings, he’d order from the most pricey place in town and had a variety fit for royalty. That’s just who he was.

    So back to this question: If pricey lunch places are the norm for Michael, then this was an okay choice. If Joanne doesn’t know his habits, she should have chosen a more moderate place. Also, they should have picked a place that they would not have minded paying the bill in the event that Michael didn’t pick up the tab.

  2. Karen says:

    Joanne should have picked a more moderate place. You should be careful when spending others money. If he didn’t like the choice he could change it himself.

  3. louie says:

    Unless heavily researched, per the above comments, they should have picked a more moderate place. Remember, the potential boss is also looking to see how they will respect the Company’s money once hired too. They also should have insisted on picking up the tab. If the potential boss then insisted on paying, they then could gratiously allow him to do so, but the option then would be his and on the table.

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