Sorry, Change Of Plans

After snagging tickets to a music festival in Europe, Danielle and Rose thought they’d save money by renting an apartment for six nights instead of staying in a hotel.  When Rose’s friend Charlie said he’d go in for one third of the $900 rent, the ladies were thrilled at the thought of saving more cash – he even wired Rose his $300 share ahead of time to secure his place.  So far, music to their ears…

But when Charlie didn’t call or come by to get the keys the first or the second night, Danielle and Rose got a little worried.  Rose finally got an email from him saying he was okay but that he couldn’t get through to her on her cell because his phone was not working well overseas.  And because he couldn’t reach her, he found another place to crash for the rest of the trip.  He then asked her to wire him his money back when she got home to the States…

Danielle and Rose are upset.  They feel bad that Charlie couldn’t reach them for two nights – but it wasn’t their fault that his cell service was less than “magnifique!”  Bottom line: they are not sure what to do.  Is it their responsibility to pay him back the money?

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4 Responses to “Sorry, Change Of Plans”

  1. Not at all. He could have found other ways such as email or text to get in touch with them if he was really concerned. Once he sent the money in and the trip commenced without a word from him then he can’t renig and request his money back.

  2. Molly says:

    They don’t owe him his money back. His lack of phone service isn’t their fault. He had options, such as borrowing a phone from someone else, using a pay phone, or best idea: simply showing up at the apartment.

    He had the address of the apt, and had no reason to believe that they would not be there.

  3. carol says:

    I agree with Molly 100%

  4. Tinkx says:

    It seems that they stuck to their side of the bargain. He could have made a plan to find them, or email as he did later on.
    I don’t think they owe him anything. If they had known that he would be a ‘no show’ they could have found somebody else in his place and given a refund.

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