Taste Makes Waste?

After an amazing first date, Hilary’s new guy Danny invited her over for a romantic dinner.  When she arrived at his apartment, he greeted her with a glass of expensive wine.  They chatted for a bit, and then he sat her at the table for what he exclaimed was his “all time specialty.”  The problem… when Danny served the main course of beef bourguignon – that he had labored over for hours – Hilary kind of gagged and reminded him she was a vegetarian!

Totally disappointed and embarrassed, Danny didn’t know what to do.  He apologized and slipped into the kitchen to order a pizza in attempt to try and salvage the evening.  Though she was sure she had mentioned being a vegetarian on their first date, Hilary was apologetic for not reminding Danny that she didn’t eat meat, but she didn’t know what else to do…

When the pizza came, Danny paid for it.  In retrospect, Hilary wonders if she screwed up and should have paid for it – especially after Danny had gone to all the expense and effort of cooking a meal for her – albeit one she couldn’t eat…

So, what would you have done?  In this age of never ending dietary restrictions we’re betting some of you have been in either Hilary or Danny’s position before – tell us what you think!

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2 Responses to “Taste Makes Waste?”

  1. carol says:

    Being it was only their second date, Danny should have asked Hilary if there were any foods she doesn’t like. That would have eliminated the awkward embarrassing moment. Danny was right to pay for the pizza although it would have been polite for Hilary to offer.

  2. Simone says:

    I agree with Carol that Danny should have asked her if she had any dietary restrictions. That said, it kind of doesn’t surprise me that he didn’t. The fact that the invited her for a “romantic dinner” only on the 2nd date shows he’s really not thinking of her, other than trying to get her into bed. He wasn’t focused on her needs, but rather on his.
    I’d never go to a guys place for dinner on a 2nd date, or invite him to mine. I dated my husband a month before I went to his apt, and he only came to mine to pick me up to take me out for the first month. I think I cooked for him after dating him for about two months and only did it on occasion. We got married six months later and it’s been over 10 years. Now I cook for him. :)

    If a guy’s already staying in and cooking on the 2nd date, then you’re in a for a datiing life of sitting on the couch with pizza watching NetFlix. Nothing wrong with that if it’s what you want, but that was never for me, and when I was didn’t didn’t let my guys get into that habit early in the game.

    That said, it really doesn’t matter who pays for the pizza. He can eat the beef stew the next day, it’s better a day later anway. It won’t go to waste.

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