Week In Review

A Downsized Economy to Supersized Sodas…

Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

NYC Mayor Bloomberg announced a controversial initiative to ban sales of supersized sugar-laden drinks in restaurants and movie theaters. Looking on the bright side, the ban may prove to be a boom for 7-11 convenience stores, whose “Big Gulp” bevvies would probably (and very ironically) not be covered under the city’s proposed ban.  Speaking of which…

A Big Gulp Of Bad Economic News

The May jobs report was really awful.  Only 69,000 jobs were created vs the expected 150,000.  Top this all off with the news that the stock market had it’s worst month in a couple years, and you may be reaching for something stronger than a soda.

Spain’s Pain

Over in Europe, things aren’t exactly looking any rosier.  This week’s impending Euro-disaster is Spain.  Markets are nervously waiting to see if the Spanish economy will go the way of Portugal, Ireland and Greece and require a massive international bailout.  This is a global economy… What happens in Europe does not stay in Europe, which is why YOU should care about the interest rate of Spanish bonds...

John Edwards Legal Affairs

So much has been made of John Edwards moral failings, it’s easy to forget that what he was actually on trial for was alleged misuse of campaign finance funds.  Remember, being a jerk is not a crime.  Yesterday, he walked out of court a free man, when a jury declared him not guilty on one count and a mistrial on the others.

How Was Your Week? 

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One Response to “Week In Review”

  1. louie says:

    All of this weeks news in review can be attributed to Government gone amuck. Less personal liberties, more heavy handed gov’t. dictates produce news like this and great economics that not only we, but the World, is experiencing. And we can’t seem to learn from History or Example. Doesn’t that tell us all something? If you’ll tolerate the size of the drink you can have, maybe you’ll accept the amount of toilet paper you can use too.
    We’re like lambs going to slaughter. Keep on voting for them and don’t complain. We’ve gotten what we asked for, “Change”. Hope you like it.

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