Week In Review

From The Jubilee To Cartier-Priced Sneakers…

God Save The Queen

Who knew that the British Monarchy was so very Fab & Fru?  We were shocked to learn that the Royal Family costs each British citizen under $1 per year to maintain.  Makes us appreciate the fabulous, rain-soaked pomp and circumstance of Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee this past week all the more!

A King’s Ransom For Kanye’s Shoes

Did someone really just bid $90,000 for a pair of Kanye West designed sneakers on eBay?  If that report is true, we’re guessing it must be a bid from Kanye himself.  But the rapper’s limited edition Nike Air Yeezy 2 shoes – set to go on sale tomorrow – have created a frenzy among regular people.  Apparently there are many people prepared to shell out $1000 or more for the shoes which were supposed to retail t $245.  On the plus side, it does make those Manolo Blahniks I’ve been eyeing seem reasonably priced…

Total Recall

The state of Wisconsin held a  recall election this week – but voters elected to let incumbent Governor Scott Walker keep his job.  Many supporters of his opponent, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, point to the fact that they were massively outspent ($47 million vs $19 million) as the reason for the loss, adding fuel to the fire of the campaign finance reform debate…

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