Week In Review

From Banks To Bullies…

Banking Bummer

Moody’s downgraded it’s ratings on 15 major banks including Bank of America and Citigroup – so what does this all mean?  Basically, the downgrades stem from worry about a worsening global economy.  And yes, it impacts YOU.  A downgrade for banks means it costs them more to borrow money, and their higher costs likely get passed on to you, the consumer…

Egyptian Elections

And the winner is… well, they’re not quite sure yet.  5 days after presidential elections were held amidst the chaos of a dissolved parliament and imposed martial law, a winner still has not been announced.  Which means unrest grows in the region as the minutes tick by.  Sometime this weekend we should know if Muhammed Morsi or Ahmed Shafiq is the next president of Egypt.  Please see above post on downgrade of global banks for more insight on how this affects YOU!

Bus-Monitor Bullying

Karen Klein, a bus monitor in upstate New York, was the subject of horrible bullying by the kids on her bus.  A video of the bullying went viral and guess what?  A whopping $500,000 in donations have poured in to help send Miss Klein on a vacation to help her recover!  No word yet on the more difficult recovery: rehabilitating the kids involved.

Cash A Thing Of The Past?

According to a new report, 2 in 5 adults have gone without using cash for an entire week – relying instead on plastic and mobile phones to pay for their purchases.  Not exactly an encouraging trend, as we all know we’re prone to spend more when using cards instead of cash!

How was your week?

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