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From Obamacare To Europe’s Banking Scare…

Affordable Care Act Victory

The Supreme Court upheld the legality of The Affordable Care Act aka “Obamacare” - a landmark not only for its impact on health care and our personal finances, but for getting most Americans to realize how little they know about the highest court in the land!

Ruling Raises Donations

The Supreme Court ruling did more than just raise emotions on both sides – it spurred a huge infusion of donations to both Obama and Romney! Team Romney claims they’ve pulled in a healthy $4.2 million since the ruling, with Team Obama claiming to have raised even more…

Euro Bank Announcement

European leaders also made a big decision this week – they have a new plan to aid their feeble banking system.  They have created a single supervisory body to oversee the Eurozone banks – and that this body can directly give aid to banks without countries having to increase their debt to raise money. Sounds like quite a helping hand, right?

While we don’t yet know all the details, we do know with all the excitement surrounding this new “cure” they surely could have come up with a sexier name than the “European Financial Stability Facility”…

$168,000 Bottle of Wine

I had to double check to make sure today’s date wasn’t actually April 1st.  Penfolds is, in fact, offering up 12 bottles of $168,000 wine, apparently the spawn of the oldest continuously producing Cabernet Sauvignon vines in the world.  But seriously, $168,000?  Just seeing that price is enough to give us a hangover.

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