A Friendly Pickpocket?

Work buddies Julia and Becca were at a conference together in San Diego a couple of months ago.  Although Julia works in the New York office, and Becca works out of LA, the two colleagues became fast friends when they finally met live a couple of years ago at a work retreat…

At the end of the San Diego conference, the ladies decided to go out for a night on the town before going their separate ways the next day.  The problem: Becca had her wallet stolen at some point between cocktails and dinner!  She immediately called and canceled her cards, and her bank put a freeze on her account.  With no cash and no credit cards, Becca needed to borrow some cash from Julia.

Without question, Julia lent Becca $200 so she would also not have to worry about cab fare to the airport in the morning, and of course, Becca was truly appreciative.  But in the hustle and bustle of the following month, Julia (and Becca) totally forgot about the money.  Until last week…

Julia gently brought it up in an email, and Becca replied immediately that she planned to treat Julia to a special dinner when she saw her in New York in a couple of months.  Feeling awkward as hell, Julia doesn’t know what to do.  Is Becca taking advantage of Julia’s good deed?  Should Julia just wait until she sees her again and hope she repays her – rather than just treating her to a night out?  Or should she ask her to pay her right away?

What would you do?  Tell us what you think!

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6 Responses to “A Friendly Pickpocket?”

  1. Carol says:

    She should tell her she needs to pay her the money now because she needs it. It is so funny, when someone owes us money and is too rude or ignorant or cheap or “whatever” to pay it back, we all feel small asking for it. That is rediculous. Tell her you really need the money now and would appreciate her sending it to you. No need to feel uncomfortable. How dare she put you in that position!!!!!

  2. Simone says:

    I agree with Carol. Julia should write Becca again and let her know that she needs the loan repaid immediately.

  3. Michele says:

    Maybe Becca is planning to treat her to a special dinner as a thank you, but also pay her back at the special dinner? But, no harm in Julia replying that she looks forward to seeing her again soon, but unfortunately, does need the money now.

  4. Cherry Davis says:

    Julia should politely decline the ‘dinner’ in repayment and say that she would like her to mail her the $200 dollars she loaned her. I’d write to Becca that she can mail it to the office since it took place during a work function.

    I’d thank her again for the offer of dinner in a few months (which she should have done out of courtesy) but that she would like to be repaid now. If she declines than I doubt it can be taken up with management since Julia volunteered to loan her the money. If her office has a petty cash than she can ask Becca if she’d like to send her the receipts after confirming that the office will repay it (subtle way that she might tell a co-worker that she has not repaid the debt). It just depends on how much she wants the money back and what she’s willing to do.

    I’m sure this is a reminder to not loan people money that you can’t afford to lose. Good luck

  5. carol says:

    If Julia lent Becca cash, then that is what she should receive back, not a fancy dinner, that’s just wrong. Becca should have mailed Julia a check within a day or two of returning home.

  6. Simone says:

    I’ve thought about this a little more and what really annoys me about Becca’s behavior, is that the money was needed for things that a company would pay for on any typical business trip – taxis, meals,tips, etc.
    So what I would do if I were Julia, would be to tell Becca that she needs the money back and thanks for the dinner offer and “No problem I”ll go to accounting and tell them what happened and surely they’ll reimburse me, because after all you needed the money for business trip expenses”. Or, has Becca already put in receipts to the company to be reimbursed for those expenses? ie. is she double-dipping, and taking money from Julia for reimbursable business expenses and then writng them up in her own expense report???
    I bet Becca will write back quickly with a “Don’t do that”, email and send her the money pronto. Then we’ll see if Becca comes through with the thank-you dinner. (which is probably on the company anyway).
    This would show Becca’s true colors to Julia.

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