Got Baggage?

Our friend Michelle and her husband Greg haven’t even left on their vacation yet – but the bickering has already begun!  The issue?  Greg wants Michelle to pack everything for their trip into their (almost too big for the over-head) carry-on luggage.  Greg hates to pay checked baggage fees, and he will do anything not to.   On the flip side, Michelle is sick of cramming all of her possessions into carry-on bags that are really too large to be carried on anyway.  Plus, she always feels so guilty shoving their ginormous bags in the overhead bins – and can sense the seething wrath of other travelers when she takes up more than her fair share of space.

Can you understand Greg’s position, given the ever-escalating baggage fees?  Should Michelle lighten up and not worry if she’s taking up more space in the over-head than someone else?  Or… should they suck up the 50 bucks and check their suitcases, and their personal baggage, at the gate?!

Tell us what you think!

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4 Responses to “Got Baggage?”

  1. Ian says:

    Cannot really argue with Greg or Michelles position. You would think that carrying your luggage through the airport is difficult enough but now you need to add on all those pesky airline baggage fee. Too solve both of their problem they should look into shipping their luggage and have it waiting for them when they arrive. It’s cheaper to ship luggage if you have to carry-on more than one. After doing some research online I found a couple of companies that offer luggage shipping, but specifically I had a great experience with

  2. Simone says:

    After all the planning, decision making, excitement building and budgeting, Greg is going to ruin the start of their vacation because of a $50. baggage fee? Are they THAT poor, or is he just a cheapskate?

    No one likes the fees, which in my opinion should be outlawed. People should be allowed to bring one piece of luggage each with the cost of theri ticket, but the truth is, unless you’re a frequent flyer or flying on one of the few airlines that aren’t into ripping passengers off, you just need to suck up and live with the corporate greed (the CEO gets million$ in bonu$ for his greed), figure it in to the cost of their vacation and then get it out of your mind.

    My husband and I travel pretty light, however, my cosmetics – shampoo, conditioner, hubby’s shave cream/aftershave, my perfumes are all illegal to bring on board, so I have to check my bag even if it fits in the overhead, even when I’m traveling light. I just figure it in with the overall cost of the trip.

    Greg sounds like a real pill and is already making the vacation a misery before it even starts. He probably won’t let Michelle have a glass of wine on the plane because they charge for it.

    As for Michelle taking up overhead bin space; I appreciate her concern, but if it fits in the bin, there’s a way to position it so that it doesn’t take up more space than the others. Ask the flight attendant which way would be best.

    Maybe Michelle and Greg should only take vacays they can drive to, and then Michelle should go on fly vacations with a girlfriend, sister or mother.

  3. Melissa Pickett says:

    I travel every summer with my 2 kids from Hawaii to Indiana to Florida and back. The baggage fees add up on every leg. We try to carry on as much as possible. And if the bins are full they will gate check it and no charge. So I say cram as you can. I would have had to pay $75 x 5 one way trips. Luckily we are military and my husband is deployed. So some airlines help with the fees. But if not we carry on.

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