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From Scorching Heat to a Hot Mess of an Economy

No Fireworks on The Fourth?

If your area was one of the many which did not have fireworks this 4th of July due to municipal budget cuts, you’re not alone.  In fact, many cash-strapped towns have turned to corporate sponsors to keep the skies lit up – now that’s the American way!

No Relief from Record Heat

As a record breaking heat wave continues to scorch the nation, the human and economic tolls continue to rise.  Though in this economy many people are not in a position to shoulder huge air conditioning bills, if you are lucky enough to have a/c (and working electricity), it just may be a lifesaver.  Be sure to check out the United Way and local charities if you need assistance covering your utility bills…

Zimmerman Makes Bail …Again

A Florida judge released George Zimmerman on bail – again.  But this time bail was raised to $1 million – far above his original bail of $150,000. The original bail was revoked after Zimmerman was accused of lying to the court about money he and his wife raised through PayPal donations…

June Jobs Report – Just Another Bummer

As if a fireworks-free 4th of July weren’t depressing enough, how about that dismal June jobs report?  The economy added only 80,000 jobs in June – hardly any better than the 77,000 jobs created in May.  And the unemployment rate of 8.2  remains at a standstill.  But if you’re in the job market, chances are you already had a feeling that was the case – even before the June numbers were released…

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