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From Chick-Fil-A to Team USA

Follow The Money

Were we the only ones shocked to hear that Colorado movie-theater murderer James Holmes bought 6,000 rounds of his ammunition ONLINE?  Apparently, the online ammo biz is a very fast growing segment of the the $3 billion per year overall U.S. ammunition market. Even more surprising – according to CBS News, “there is no official system to track whether people are stockpiling vast amounts of firepower.”  What?!  Seriously – even my online orders of contact lenses are tracked – surely we can figure out a way to track ammunition sales.

Penn State Penalties

Penn State was hit with a $60 million fine, among other penalties, in the wake of the Sandusky abuse scandal.  Local business owners in the area, however, were relieved that the penalties levied did not include a suspension of the football program all together (aka “The Death Penalty”).   Suspension would have had a detrimental impact on the hotels, restaurants, etc. which depend on football traffic for their livelihood…and again we see how the role of money has played a part in every sad turn of this disgusting case.


Many Americans are deciding to vote with their wallets after the president of the popular fast food chain, Chick-Fil-A, took a stand against same sex marriage.  And while those chicken sandwiches can be a hard habit to break, many Americans are boycotting the chain, as the heated debate over the definition of family values in America continues…  It remains to be seen if the boycott will actually start getting people to make healthier food choices - at least by default…

Olympic “Gold”

Did you know that Olympic Gold Medals are… not actually pure gold?  It seems that the last solid gold medal was handed out way back in 1912!  Today’s winning medals are gold-plated sterling silver – but we’re sure that won’t stop athletes from aiming for number 1.  Go USA!

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