Customer Service Meltdown

by Stephanie Berenbaum – August 29th, 2012

Moving Truck WTF

Yesterday, I had a total customer service related meltdown - unknowingly in front of my kids.  And even though I dropped way too many F-bombs within their ear shot, on the bright side, I’m hoping they might have taken away some life lessons about fairness, business and standing up for yourself…

The Quote…

It all started when I hired a moving company to help me transport some furniture out of my storage unit to several locations.  When I scheduled the appointment, I was first told by Anthony that the rate was $79 per hour (for 3 men) with a three hour
minimum, plus a $25 gas charge.  When I called back, Henry confirmed the same rates.   But shame on me.  Even with a double verbal confirmation, I should have known better and asked for the quote in writing…

The New Math?

At the end of the 3 hour move I was feeling great.  That is until I was presented with the bill.  Somehow, 8am to 11am had been calculated as …4 hours, and the bill was $100 more than I expected.  At first, I calmly pointed out that a mistake had been made – and then they showed me the “new math.”

Nick, the on-the-job driver, explained to me that they in addition to the three hour rate, the company charges for “double drive time.”  Meaning the amount of time they are driving during the gig is actually doubled.  Aside from this sounding strange, the real problem was that no one had told me about this double drive charge in advance, and I wasn’t having it.

Curse Word Marathon

When I finally got on the phone with Anthony and told him that neither he nor Henry had bothered to mention the double drive time surcharge, he exploded at ME!  He chastised me for calling him for the quote at a particularly busy time the other day.  He had five calls on hold, and he had been so rushed that he hadn’t gotten a chance to have a full conversation with me - say what??.   He also then complained that he moved around appointments for me and had to “beg” the movers who took my job to work that day - really?  All of this being reason enough (to him) that I should suck it up and pay the extra hundred bucks.

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3 Responses to “Customer Service Meltdown”

  1. Sue says:

    Way to go, Steph. I cannot imagine that I would have had the strength to go up against Anthony. You have inspired me to become a fighter.

  2. Melissa says:

    Any company that crosses Stephanie doesn’t know who they are dealing with. Go you – they deserved a good f-bombing.

  3. louie says:

    Steph: That’s what Angies List is for. Use it next time or get a referral from someone. Yes, a fax or email agreement in writing would also have been in order. Don’t use the F Bomb, use the Pen Bomb and write a complaint letter to the Better Business Bureau. This actually matters and helps future potential customers too.

Any Thoughts?