Massaging The Numbers?

Katie was recently on vacation and decided to pamper herself with a traditional Swedish massage – her favorite!  Like most massage therapists, “Helen” was very attentive and told Katie to tell her how the pressure was and if she needed to adjust it.  Because she likes a lot of pressure, Katie kept asking Helen for a harder massage…

After the massage ended, Helen told Katie that if she had wanted such a firm massage, she really should have booked a “deep tissue massage” – throwing in that the deep tissue massages are more expensive because of the extra work they require.  Helen’s comment made Katie feel awkward and stressed out – exactly the opposite of what a massage should do!

When she paid the bill, Katie was feeling guilty about inadvertently booking the “wrong” massage, and left a bigger tip than usual to compensate Helen for the extra “deep tissue” work.  But later that night, she really regretted giving the bigger trip – and actually thought (in retrospect) she should have reduced Helen’s trip due to the guilt trip she gave her on the way out!  So…what would you have done??

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Any Thoughts?