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From Mars Exploration to the Midwest Drought…

The (Relative) Cost Of The Mars Rover

Interested in the debate over the cost of the Mars Rover “Curiosity” ? Then you’ve got to check out this article on Huffington Post. Really puts it in perspective that the $2.6 billion – over 8 years – cost of Curiosity was close to what our military spends during just one week in Afghanistan..!

Gun Sales Up Ahead of Election

The horrible shooting massacre at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin – America’s second mass shooting in less than 3 weeks – has kept our focus on gun sales in America.  And apparently, sales are stronger than ever due to fears that if Obama’s re-elected, he will increase gun ownership regulations…This serious and scary issue needs more than just a heated debate!

Drought Damaging Food Prices

The ongoing drought in the Midwest is one big reason global food prices are soaring.  The corn crop, in particular, is under focus.  Did you know that corn is a factor in everything from the soda we drink (corn syrup) to feed for cattle?  The global price of corn shot up 23% last month – but you can see the impact right in your local grocery aisles!

Papa John’s Pizza Prices

Speaking of food prices, Obamacare has been making headlines for an unlikely reason – its impact on raising the prices of Papa John’s Pizza! CEO John Schnatter estimated the cost of implementing the Affordable Care Act at about 11-14 cents per pizza.  Judging from feedback on the company’s Facebook page, consumers are happy to pay a few extra cents if it means providing health care for the workers making their pies!

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