Week in Review

From Phone Free Dinner to Ryan’s Way to Get Thinner…

Discount For Cell-Free Dining

A Los Angeles restaurant is making headlines for offering customers a 5% discount  - if they check their cell phones at the door!  The owners of Eva restaurant have had enough with cell phones ruining the ambiance of their establishment – and say that about half the diners are taking them up on their offer.  Sounds very Fab & Fru to us!

Romney’s Taxing Situation

Mitt Romney’s latest disclosure is that he paid “at least 13%” in taxes for the past ten years has done little to silence those who want him to disclose more of his financials.  We’re not sure who’s advising Romney but yet another “semi-disclosure” is not the way to go – at least from a PR perspective.  And if there’s really nothing to hide, why not release them?

Paul “PX90″ Ryan

Speaking of Mitt Romney, this week he chose Wisconsin congressman Paul Ryan as as his Vice Presidential Running Mate.  Apparently, fitness buff Ryan has already started helping the economy.  ”PX90″ founder Tony Horton says Ryan’s love of his workout system has already boosted sales – how’s that for some financial muscle?

Everyone Wants Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend

In it’s first week of sales, Justin Bieber’s “Girlfriend” perfume sold a bottle every minute!  Which leaves us a bit baffled – since when do ‘Tweens wear perfume?  Things have apparently changed since our pre-teen years, when stealing of our mother’s Jean Nate after bath splash was considered sophisticated!



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