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From Akin Campaign Dough To A Big Post Office “DOH!”

Todd Akin’s Funding Has Been “Shut Down”

Major funding has been pulled from the campaign of Missouri Republican Senatorial Candidate Todd Akin.  The dollars dried up after his inane and ignorant comments this week that a woman’s body could somehow magically “shut down” and prevent pregnancy in the case of a “legitimate rape.”

As if his comments weren’t dumb enough, now the congressman is refusing calls by his own party leadership to get out of the race.  But, as we all know, money talks.  And we’re not sure his recent plea for online $3 donations will be enough to keep him afloat for much longer. Perhaps a better use of Akin’s time and limited funds (did we mention he is a member of the House Committee on SCIENCE, Space and Technology?!)  would be to take a basic biology class…

Will Sponsors Leave Lance Armstrong?

Lance Armstrong announced this morning he is giving up his fight against banned-substance use allegations from the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency – a move that will cost him his 7 Tour De France titles.  But what will it cost him, financially?  One major sponsor, Nike, has already vowed to stand by him, while several others are reviewing the situation. It’s not only Armstrong’s personal finances at stake – but also that of his cancer charity Livestrong – which has rasied multimillions with the help of his sponsors.

 Ab Circle Scam

Speaking of fitness, the makers of the Ab Circle Pro (as seen on TV!) are refunding millions of dollars to consumers who bought their product.  Apparently they made some deceptive claims… But did anyone really think three minutes a day on the Ab Circle Pro was really equivalent to 100 sit ups?  If it sounds too good to be true…

Are The Simpsons Sabotaging the Postal Service?

Just when the post office was trying to be relevant and hip, well, they weren’t.  The beleaguered postal service apparently overestimated the demand for Simpsons stamps and and wasted $1.2 million in the process.  They printed 1 billion 44 cent Simpsons stamps – but only 318 million were sold.  Making matters worse? The price of a stamp has since risen to 45 cents, rendering the Simpsons stamps basically useless.

How Was Your Week? 

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