Week In Review

From RNC Speeches to Labor Day Beaches…

Make My Day

We were actually hoping Clint was going to go rogue last night at the Republican National Convention – but not by talking to an empty chair.  Are we the only ones who think it was a major lost opportunity that he didn’t revisit his comments from last year, when he criticized the Republican party for losing its focus on fiscal conservatism and instead focusing on extreme social conservatism…

Isaac’s Wrath

Damage from Hurricane Isaac may cost insurers up to $2 billion.  Meanwhile, gulf coast residents have started the long process of cleaning up and building – again…

Sticky Fingers

Millions of dollars worth of maple syrup was stolen from a warehouse in Quebec.  We can’t help but wonder how exactly they made off with it without a trace – I can’t even keep one small bottle of it in my cupboard without it leaking all over everything.

On The Road Again

Despite high gas prices, Americans are hitting the road this Labor Day weekend in the highest numbers since 2008!  Unfortunately, the overall increase in drivers means more bad drivers will be out there – be alert, don’t text, and drive safely – have a great Labor Day Weekend!


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