Getting Creamed!

Our friend Liz is a coffee connoisseur.  She drinks several vats to get her through her day – and she always has to have it with just the right amount of half and half (not milk!).

Liz keeps her half & half in the shared office fridge – with her name on it.  She noticed from time to time that it seemed like someone else had been using it, but the other day was the last straw.  Exhausted and in need of her coffee, Liz went to pour a splash of her half and half, and someone had used it and put the container back in the fridge – empty!

Now, Liz doesn’t know what to do.  She feels petty making a big stink over someone using a few cents worth of her coffee creamer.  She thinks putting up a sign in the kitchen will just make her look cheap, but she really doesn’t want others using her precious half and half!  Should she make an issue of it? Or should she just buy larger containers and invite others to share?

Tell us what you think!

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One Response to “Getting Creamed!”

  1. Sue Kiene says:

    Realistically since you had your name on it I tend to say you have 3 choices. 1 is to try and figure out who is using it or 2 is try to be non-confrontaitional about it and suggest or go ahead and place a money jar be put in the kitchen area for people to deposit money for items that could be replaced with the funds as it is needed. Last but not least is to do as the final says do nothing and feel used and be the one responsible for providing everyone’s half and half. I am sure that there is probably either a powder or liquid non-dairy creamer provided in the workplace. What you like you like. I personally like the flavored creamers. Before we went to being a virtual office, I had been bringing it in. Our policy was that if you did not care who used it or ate it etc. you put your name on it. Another in the office also liked it. We agreed to pay equally for it. Would I care that maybe they used more than me? No. Nor if someone used it for a client that came in. Someone who just thought they could use it anytime they want and not share in the cost is not a really nice person. THey knew it was yours and should have come to you and said hey, I am going to or I used some of your creamer. I will replace it or give you money for it. Common courtesy.

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