Week In Review

From Pretty in Pink to a Job Market Stink

Michelle’s Winning Pink Dress

Whether or not her husband wins in November, Michelle Obama scored a major fashion victory at the Democratic National Convention.  Designer Tracy Reese confirmed that her elegant pink and gray dress will be available for sale to the public shortly – for under $500.

Fab & Fru Fashion Week

It’s not just Michelle’s dress that’s soon going to be marketed to the masses.  It’s Fashion Week in NYC – and you know what that means… pretty soon affordable knock offs of designer duds will be available!  Now is the time to keep your eyes peeled to see what trends you want to invest in…

It’s Still The Economy, Stupid

A weak jobs report out this morning has all eyes on the fed to see what stimulus plans they might unleash.  Some of you may be in the know when it comes to the Federal Reserve but in case you are not here is a name you should know: Ben Bernanke – he is the chairman of the Federal Reserve and the world is waiting to see how he reacts to today’s jobs report.

How Was Your Week?

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