Use Your Smartphone To Get Wireless!

For a one time charge of $29.95, download Tether to get full Internet access on your laptop anywhere using your smartphone’s data plan.  To avoid any extra charges, check your data plan first!

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One Response to “Use Your Smartphone To Get Wireless!”

  1. Sue Kiene says:

    You do not need such a thing if you have an I-Phone, you just need to know how to turn the hotspot on. With a droid it is a matter of setting it up on your phone thru your carrier and on your laptop so it will see your phone hotspot. Easy to do. There are some monthly charges and limitations on data so check your carrier as far as what they charge.

    Now regarding Tether, I am curious as to whether you need 3G or 4 G service in your area. We have 3G service but it is a pain as it is coming and going so it might have the same issues as what I presently have. Will have to check into it.

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