Are Backdoor Deals Worth It?

by Brandi Savitt – October 25th, 2012

Long Term Effects of Saving Upfront

When presented with a way to save money, it’s safe to assume that most savvy consumers would jump at the opportunity to pay less than full price.  However, sometimes what seems like the best deal NOW can come back to haunt you.  See why taking extra steps to understand the fine print of your supposed deal could save you time and money down the road…

The Stolen iPhone

Last February my iPhone was stolen right from under my nose.  I had no insurance on the phone, and I had four months to go before I was eligible for an upgrade.  That meant I had to pay full price for a new phone – and I was not very happy.  That is until I went into an AT&T store and met Drew.

The Eager to Please Sales Rep

Drew felt my pain and was eager to help.  He looked over my plan and came up with a back door solution that seemed a little convoluted at the time, but would also save me $200 bucks on the new phone and get me theft insurance.

Family Plans for Single People?

Drew set me up on a family plan…  He gave me a second number – and that new number was eligible for a discounted phone. Great.  I would never use that number, but I did have to sign a contract for the family plan – no big deal, right?  Drew then transferred my long standing number over to my new iPhone, tweaked my plan slightly so I was basically paying the same, and put insurance on my account.  Drew was ingenious and I loved him for it.  I was thrilled!

Seven Months Later…

Cut to last month when I went over 200 minutes on my plan – how did that happen?  Don’t I have a 1,000 minute plan and never go over 700?  I didn’t think I had been talking that much more than normal on my cell.  And if so, how could I have used my thousands of my rollover minutes?

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One Response to “Are Backdoor Deals Worth It?”

  1. Sue Kiene says:

    Did you ever think that you have a 2nd number which maybe your friend Drew actually gave to someone (one of his friends or maybe it is his own alter ego) the other number and that person used up minutes? I guess you need to look at what you signed and I am not sure how their billing is but you could probably call in and find out if that number is actually being used. That would be where I would start.

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