Double Trouble

As you can imagine, when our friend Jenna takes her 4 year old twins with her to Target – it isn’t exactly a relaxing experience…  Her girls often grab at candy or lemonades, and in an effort to keep them occupied, she often lets them eat their chosen mid-shopping snack.  But rather than keep the wrappers to pay for the item at check out, Jenna admitted to us that she tends to just throw away the sticky remnants before she hits the checkout line – and that she doesn’t really feel she is doing anything wrong!

In Jenna’s mind, the few cents of treats her kids are eating should be absorbed by the corporate giant in exchange for her business.  We’re guessing Target might not agree – but more importantly — what do YOU think?

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5 Responses to “Double Trouble”

  1. Casey says:

    Just because Target is a huge corporation doesn’t mean that they won’t suffer from behavior like this. I am sure that Jenna isn’t the only on who behaves like this. I work for a large corporation retail store and even the littlest things can effect us. It adds up and it will affect bonuses for the employees, the ability to hire new employees, etc.

    Also, this teaches the girls that stealing is okay, because this is stealing and it is certainly not okay.

    Honestly, I think Jenna should stop being so cheap and own up to the probably three dollars of treats her girls snack on. Or bring stuff from home,

  2. Sue Kiene says:

    Who does she think she is kidding? She is dead wrong. She is shoplifting, no 2 ways about it. And even moreso she is teaching her children that it is OK to take what does not belong to you. In other words STEAL!!!!

  3. louie says:

    Sue has expressed the bottom line to a really ignorant practice that Jenna has adopted and on all the levels. What she also has not thought about is when she eventually gets caught doing this and is embarrassed to the hilt over a few pennies. The attitude that a large store can afford this or should turn a blind eye to this conduct, due to their size, is really some deficient thinking. It’s also not an uncommon thought in today’s demonized big business attitude that is pervasive in our political arena.
    When her husband has to come and bail her out of the Can for this one day, i wonder who she’ll blame?

  4. Molly says:

    Yikes, Not only is she teaching her children to steal, she’s teaching them that it’s okay if it’s done to a “big company”. The message she’s teaching her children is that if they go into the home of a family richers than their family, it would be okay to swipe some of their belongings. After all, they can afford to buy more.

    Additionally, she’s teaching them that candy and sugary lemonade are acceptable snacks on a regular basis, as opposed to an occassional treat.

    I hope this woman gets caught, with her children at her side, and totally humilated, and thrown into jail for a night. Let her kids get sent to social services until she takes a couple of months of parenting lessions.

    What a loser!

  5. carol says:

    It’s stealing plain and simple!

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