Vote Baby Vote!

by Stephanie Berenbaum – October 10th, 2012

Get Registered & Ready to Vote

Let’s see, you’ve renewed your gym membership, sent in your kids’ after school enrichment forms, and made an appointment to get your dog’s teeth cleaned.  But ask yourself this: are you sure you are registered to VOTE?

We’ve heard many stories of friends who get caught up in the pace of everyday life only to realize they never registered to vote!  The upcoming election will directly effect your pocketbook and your liberties – so don’t you want to have say?

Too Late?

In some states it is already too late to register. But for many states – this week may be your last shot!  Check out the U.S. government’s website, which will direct you to your state’s voter information site.  Yes, to make things as confusing as possible, each state has its own specific rules and deadlines for voter registration.  And not only do states have different deadlines, but also different approved methods of registering (online, by mail, in person, etc.) so get the 411 on your home state ASAP!


Not worried about voting in the Presidential election because you think your candidate is a shoe-in in your state?  Then you’re overlooking a chance you have to vote for important initiatives at your state and local level: Ballot Propositions!

A quick look at the propositions up for vote here in California ran the gamut from death penalty to education to genetically modified foods – all things that impact my wallet, and that I would like a say in!

The other day my friend Melissa mentioned to me she wanted to have a “Proposition Party” – which despite sounding risque is just a gathering to discuss different ballot propositions we willl have the opportunity to vote on in November.  What Mel has done in the past is give everyone a proposition to research.  Check out Ballotpedia for summaries of the various props in your state.

Be Heard

Americans often take our democracy for granted.  In the last presidential election – which had high turnout – only about 60% of eligible voters actually voted!  That means about 40% did not. Pathetic, right? So, don’t be an ostrich with your head in the sand, for goodness sake, get out there – your opinion matters.  Not only will this election be fodder for lively dinner party debate, it will also directly impact your finances, family and even the food you eat!

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