Week In Review

From Wall Street Debacles to Doping Backlash

25th Anniversary of Black Monday

Let’s take a moment out of our current financial emergencies to remember another one.  Today marks the 25th anniversary of “Black Monday” – October 19, 1987 – when stock markets crashed around the world and the Dow Jones shed a whopping 22% in one day!

Second Presidential Debate

Obama and Romney circled each other like vultures in the second Presidential debate, this one a “town hall” style affair.  With polls showing the two candidates in a dead heat, it should be a major wake up call to voters in swing states (Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin – just to name a few!) to get out and vote – you will be the ones deciding this election!

Google Accidental Release

We’ve all accidentally sent an email and then wished we hadn’t, right?  Then we can all relate to the teensy screw up by publishing company R.R. Donnelly.  They accidentally sent an email which released Google’s disappointing Q3 financial results well ahead of schedule.  Of course this led to total trading chaos – not to mention embarrassment all around.  On the plus side, we’re guessing there might be a major opportunity for publishing companies to vie for the Google account!

Lance Armstrong Stepping Down

In the midst of a growing doping scandal, Lance Armstrong announced he is stepping down as Chairman from the LiveStrong charity he founded 15 years ago – though he will remain on the board.  Armstrong also got dumped by sponsors Nike and Anheuser-Busch as doping evidence against the cycling legend mounts.  LiveStrong – which has raised hundreds of millions of dollars to fight cancer – will go on, but too soon to tell how it’s fundraising efforts will be impacted by the Armstrong scandal…

 How was your week?

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