Week In Review

From Old Time Faves to a Modern Mini

Boo Berry Bonanza

Attention children of the 70s and 80s!  You’ve probably noticed with ghoulish excitement that some of our favorite scary sugar cereals – Boo Berry, Franken Berry and Count Chocula – are back on the shelves for a limited Halloween run.  But apparently these processed products can also bring in a pretty penny!  These nostalgic treats are so popular that there is now a market for them – at significantly marked up prices – on eBay! - Be sure to keep your toothbrush handy

Last Presidential Debate

The last of the three presidential debates was this week.  In general, President Obama seemed to be declared the winner of the debate on foreign policy. We’re guessing the real winner just might be Lynn University – the site of the debate.  After millions of viewers realized there is actually a college located in Boca Raton, Florida – we predict a serious increase in applications…

Spain Unemployment

Another week, another round of bad news out of Spain.  The country’s Q3 unemployment rate set a muy mal record of 25%.  And even though we are rightfully concerned about the unemployment here in the U.S., remember – what happens in Europe does NOT stay in Europe!  Though it might feel worlds away, in a global economy, Spain’s troubles very much translate into troubles right here  at home.

iPad Mini

We know, we know – you’ve been worried because you just don’t own enough gadgets already.   If you happen to have an extra $330 burning a hole in your pocket, you are in business – Apple has introduced the iPad Mini – just in time for holiday shopping!

How was your week?

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