Week In Review

From Scandal to Snack Cakes

Petraeus Scandal

One of the many unintended consequences from the David Petraeus scandal: Florida socialite Jill Kelley’s troubled personal financial state is now being splashed across newspapers from coast to coast.  With rumors of foreclosures, bankruptcies and questionable charities swirling, it’s a good lesson that any of us can end up under a financial microscope – when we least expect it…

Israel-Gaza Conflict

The Israel-Gaza conflict is longstanding – but renewed violence in the area has some asking if an all-out ground war is in the making.  Though it might seem a million miles away, remember that Israel and the U.S. are strong allies.  Israel is of paramount importance to the U.S. strategy in the Middle East, and Israel is one of the largest recipients of U.S. foreign aid.  Escalating military conflict there likely means an increased call on the U.S. for support…

Romney Gaffe

Mitt Romney seems to keep on losing the election – even after he already lost!  In a call to his top 300 donors, Romney made some ill-conceived comments about how Obama basically bought the election by giving policy “gifts” to voters such as young people and minorities.  Romney’s comments were quickly blasted as insensitive and erroneous – especially by members of his own party.

Twilight for the Twinkie

Sad news for those of us who grew up addicted to the chemical, creamy treats produced by the Hostess Corporation.  The maker of Twinkies and HoHos announced they will be closing down after 82 years in business.  Apparently, a baker’s strike is to blame for the ultimate demise of the company.  The news, however, has sparked a rush on Hostess products in some stores and even a market on Ebay for them.  Stock up now and you can be enjoying Ding Dong’s for years to come – because as we all know, these preservative laden, processed food-like substances have a ridiculously long life span…

How was your week?

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