Week In Review

From Cliffhangers To Cupcakes


Christmas is coming early for two VERY lucky winners of this week’s massive $587 million Powerball lottery – one in Arizona, the other in Missouri.  No news yet on how many long lost friends and relatives are about to come out of the woodwork…

Fiscal Cliff Fast Approaching

Apparently Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner’s visit to Capitol Hill yesterday didn’t exactly help move Fiscal Cliff negotiations along.  With only a month to go before we go over the “Cliff”, we’re guessing both sides will have to get in the holiday spirit – fast – and give each other some gifts (in the form of compromise) to get a deal done.

The Battling Middle East

While we don’t yet have a solution to the Fiscal Cliff, let’s take a moment to be thankful for one thing we do have here in America: civil liberties.  In the past week, Syria has shut down its internet and Egypt’s new president has issued a decree shielding himself from judicial oversight.  These are just two examples of the assault on the rights of citizens in the Middle East – and another reminder of how lucky we are to be in the USA – even with the looming Cliff before us!

Sweet News For Hostess Execs

Though their company is in bankruptcy, some Hostess execs will be receiving a tasty treat of bonuses.  Top managers will be splitting $1.8 million in total as an incentive to stay on board and help the company liquidate.  Not surprisingly, this move left a bitter taste in many employees mouths.  On the bright side, apparently there are many hungry suitors lining up to eat up parts of Hostess’ business – proof that the Twinkie may indeed last forever.


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