Your Frappuccino & The Fiscal Cliff

by Stephanie Berenbaum – December 28th, 2012

A Message With Your Morning Coffee

I love my coffee, and believe it has many amazing attributes.  But even I didn’t think it would be playing a role in Fiscal Cliff negotiations!  As you may have heard, Starbucks has been weighing in on the Fiscal Cliff crisis over the past couple days in an unconventional way…  D.C. area baristas are writing “come together” on coffee cups as a way to send a message to leaders to fix the impending crisis!

Half Full – Or Half Empty?

Apparently, Starbucks’ action has been met with a wee bit of skepticism.  Sure, there is something ironic about telling the government to get their fiscal house in order on a $5 cup of speciality coffee – that is likely eating up your personal budget each month.  Or maybe it’s just that when people grab their morning coffee, they want a break from reality – and not to be reminded of all that’s going wrong around us.

So we’re wondering – how do you feel about Starbucks’ move to send a message?  Do you mind having a nonpartisan statement with your mocha frappucino, or would you prefer to have just your name written on it?

Fix The Debt

One thing we did find interesting in researching Starbucks’ move, is that the company is working in conjunction with a site called Fix The Debt – which we hadn’t checked out until this article.  It’s worth looking at it.  The site has lots of useful, easy to understand info about the debt crisis.  And speaking of the debt crisis – whatever your thoughts on the Starbucks message, if it prompted even a few more people to sit up and educate themselves about America’s fiscal situation, we think it was worth it.

A New Year’s Countdown to Remember

Not only is Dec 31st the deadline for the Fiscal Cliff, we learned this week it is also the date the US Government will hit the debt ceiling.  Given the molasses speed our government usually works at, it looks like it will take more than a little caffeine to get our financial house in order before the clock strikes midnight.  Now, about that Starbucks habit of yours…


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