Save By Filling Up Your Entire Gas Tank!

It may seem that you’re saving money by spending $10 on gas here and $20 there, but you’re actually wasting it by making more trips to the station. Save time and money by filling up your whole tank all at once!

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One Response to “Save By Filling Up Your Entire Gas Tank!”

  1. Sue Kiene says:

    Well that is sometimes true and sometimes, not although realistically I never think it is worthwhile to only put $10.00 in the tank. As I am located in an area where the difference of a day or even a few hours can change the price of a gallon of gas by 30 cents or more. Full tank can mean not being able to take advantage if it drops or if it rises you have to spend more. You have to make a decision sometimes to fill up. I thought after watching it slowly drop for several days in a row a while back that it probably would go no further and filled the tank. The next mornng it had dropped another 8 cents. Even though I would prefer to have the 8 cents a gallon in my pocket, I was still happy with what I paid for it and the following day it jumped $.35 a gallon.

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