Did She Make A Misstep?

 by Stephanie Berenbaum – February 19, 2013

Our friend Karen had a lovely dinner party the other night.  Her brownstone dates back to the 1800′s and has the kind of ambiance you just can’t find today.  But on the way out, her friend Lisa’s heel got caught in a rickety floor board in the hallway – and broke off!  Lisa was totally gracious about it and played it off like it was no big deal – even though it was a Prada shoe – and she had to hobble home …

The next day Karen felt really guilty for not offering to pay for Lisa’s shoe repair.  At the time it didn’t really occur to her because it wasn’t like she herself broke the heel off, but given that it happened on her property, she now feels sort of horrified she didn’t insist on paying for it!

Some of our friends think she should just let it go – it could have happened anywhere and really wasn’t her fault.  But a few people think she should have insisted on paying for the heel – and should call her immediately to offer!  What would you do in this situation?

Tell us what you think!

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3 Responses to “Did She Make A Misstep?”

  1. lak says:

    she should check her homeowner’s insurance to see if it covers damage to her guest’s property. also, her friend should contact prada to see if they’ll replace the shoe without cost — seems like such an expensive shoe should be able to withstand the same flooring cheaper shoes have trod without breakage! either way, she should discuss things with her friend so the two of them can come up with a solution together!!

  2. Sue K says:

    What exactly is a rickety floor board is my question? Rickety to memeans dangerous to me something you would not someone to step on at all. I doubt that it would make sense to call your insurance company as the deductible would probably be too high to make it make sense. I do think that she should be talking to her friend and at least offer to pay for the repair. And look into having the board repaired.

  3. Molly says:

    Even if it cost $50. to repair – which I highly doubt – it’s not worth asking one’s insurance company about.

    Karen should contact her guest and tell her she’d like to help her take care of the broken shoe. First Karen should ask her friend if she asked Prada to fix it. They should do it for free. Most luxury companies will do that.
    If Prada won’t, then Karen needs to “feel the pulse” of her friend. If she blows it off and says, “don’t worry, my shoe repair guy already fixed it”, then Karen should just leave it. But if the friend seems a little upset about the cost, Karen should say, “let me know what it cost and I’ll take care of it.”.

    Under all circumstances, she should have the broken floorboard fixed!

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