Double Take-Away?

By Brandi Savitt – February 5, 2013

Last Wednesday, Patti ordered in Thai food for herself, her husband and their two kids.  The weather was cold and rainy – so when the delivery guy arrived with the food, Patti tipped him generously.  But when she started unpacking the order, she realized the restaurant had forgotten to include her daughter’s main dish and her husband’s appetizer.

The kids were starving so everyone shared and began eating.  The restaurant promised they’d send the food out immediately, but it was 45 minutes before the forgotten food arrived – with no refund or extra treat added for the trouble.  The same delivery man came to the door and was extremely apologetic.  At this point it was raining harder, but Patti was annoyed and did not give him an additional tip.

Patti’s hubby disagreed with her decision not to give the delivery man another buck or two – saying that none of it was his fault.  But Patti felt it was ridiculous to tip twice on an order and service that kept getting screwed up!

Do you think Patti was right not to tip twice, or do you tip the take-away delivery person no matter what?  What would you do?!

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3 Responses to “Double Take-Away?”

  1. Stephanie says:

    I think that Patti was right. You should not have to tip twice on one order. Yes, it wasn’t the delivery guy’s fault, however he represents the company and if they got the order incorrect, they must resolve the issue with a refund or correcting the order. That is there due diligence to maintain their customers.

  2. Molly says:

    Don’t punish the messenger, especially, a low paid one that’s delivering food to you on a rainy, cold night.
    That said, I’d fight with the restaurant to get a credit or tell them it’s their last order from me.

  3. Susan says:

    If she tipped generously the first time, that should cover both deliveries (especially considering the second one was to resolve an omission, not a new order she placed herself).

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