That’s One Pricey Drink

Last week Margie was at a conference with three of her colleagues – including her boss.  The group went to dinner and then decided to go out for a nightcap before heading back to the hotel.  They picked a small wine bar on the outskirts of town, and everyone decided to order something different.  Margie enjoys port, so she asked the server to choose something special for her.  He came back with a delicious port that she absolutely loved!

When the group asked for the bill, Margie’s boss put down his card and then looked at the check to make sure everything was right – his brow crinkled and his eyes bugged out of his head a bit – Margie’s port was $50 a glass!

Completely embarrassed, Margie apologized for not realizing what an expensive drink she ordered, and asked the waiter why he didn’t tell her.  The back and forth went on for a bit, but her boss finally said not to worry about.  He paid the bill and the group headed back to the hotel.

Everything really seemed fine, but Margie couldn’t help but feel her boss was annoyed by the situation.  She wondered if she should talk privately with her boss and offer to pay for her cocktail again, or just let it go…  Should Margie insist on paying for her outrageously expensive cocktail, or should she just follow her boss’s lead?

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4 Responses to “That’s One Pricey Drink”

  1. lak says:

    she should absolutely speak to her boss — in private — and offer to cover the drink. and, next time, she needs to ask about prices before she orders!

  2. louie says:

    A personal apology to her boss is in order…privately of course. And as a Port drinker, what did she expect?

  3. Annie says:

    I agree that a private apology is necessary and as an added gesture, she should offer to take her boss out to lunch (dinner may not be appropriate), but make sure it’s on her own dime and not the company’s.

  4. Molly says:

    Yes, she should privately apologize to her boss and offer to pay for it. I don’t think it’s necessary for her to offer to take her boss out to dinner. (or lunch).

    I hope she smartens up and doesn’t ask a waiter/bartender to pick some “special” for her without asking to see the list or ask the price.
    She’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer, is she?

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