The Envelope, Please

Do You Care If Saturday Service Stops?

Given how many people these days joke about “snail mail”, there has been a surprising amount of outrage over the proposed stoppage of Saturday mail delivery!  The U.S. Postal service wants to make the move in an effort to stem its massive losses – almost $16 Billion in the most recent fiscal year alone…

Wait A Minute, Mr. Postman

The postal service’s plan is to stop “mail” delivery in August – which includes letters, catalogs, and, yes – Netflix envelopes!  But packages will still be delivered on Saturdays, and post offices now open on saturdays will still be open.

As we all know, the advent of the online world has meant way fewer letters being sent – but also a huge increase in packages being shipped from all that online shopping, hence the decision to keep Saturday package delivery intact.

Postal Worker Pensions

What many people don’t realize, however, that it is actually not the internet which is to blame for the USPS’s pressing financial woes.  You might be surprised to learn that the reason behind the huge shortfall is actually related to a congressional act passed in 2006 – which basically required the USPS to fund 75 years of future pension benefits within a decade!  Without this burden, by some estimates the post office would actually have a surplus of $1.5 billion.

Stamp Of Approval?

Another thing that’s news to most people?  The daily operations of the USPS are not supported by tax dollars!  Even so, many citizens seem to feel it is a patriotic right to receive mail delivery 6 days a week.  Are we the only ones who receive very little other than junk mail in our postal deliveries? I honestly can’t recall the last time I received anything of importance – outside of packages – in the mail…

Delivering the Facts

Cutting out Saturday delivery will save the post office about $2 billion per year . So – what do you think – is this measure too much? Or not going far enough?  In today’s online world, how relevant do you feel even 5 day per week postal delivery is? Would you feel differently about the new rule if packages were affected?  Tell us what you think!

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3 Responses to “The Envelope, Please”

  1. Sue says:

    Personal opinion is that it really does not matter whether we have Saturday delivery or not. I get less than 10 pieces of valid mail most months. The postal service gave huge discount rates to advertisers/companies to send us all of that junk mail that we receive which realistically gets put directly into the trash at my house. When I have a moment I am going to go sign the form at the post office so that if the mail is not addressed to me that it will not be delivered to me because it is a total waste of their time to sort it and deliver it to me and a total waste of time for me to have to go thru it and throw it away (good thing I can burn in my location because at least it does not end up in our landfills). Will it be enough? Heck no. You know as well as I do that they still will claim they have no money, make no money, etc. etc. They are no different than the oil companies etc.

  2. louie says:

    Saturday deliveries should have stopped a long time ago and certainly will not be missed at all. the real question is does this move by USPS save the pension system as is? Or are there really further measures needed to be taken to resolve this issue? Pension reform is a needed measure facing all of American Businesses today and a primary cost all of us are paying due to mismanaged Union negotiations over the past many years. We need to decide whether we are America or Greece. Not much of a choice is there?

  3. Kim says:

    Please, please, please recycle your junk mail, don’t burn it or throw it in the trash!

    I am fine with not receiving mail on Saturdays. Like Sue says, I get very few pieces of valid mail. I really hope this saves the USPS money!

Any Thoughts?