Adventures In Car Buying

The Long Road To A New Ride

After 8 years with my trusty Subaru Forester, I finally decided to get a car with more seating.  And thus began my latest adventure in car shopping!  Though I am still mid-process, I feel like I have learned some valuable Fab & Fru lessons from this experience already …

Trade-In Value

Last week, I took my car into a local dealer to see what the trade-in value would be.  They offered me $6,000.  It was then that several friends of mine told me before I did anything that I should take my car to Carmax – that they usually offer more than your dealership will.  Guess what?  They offered me $9000 for my car – now that was some good advice!

Be Ready For The Sales Pitch

It’s been a while since I bought a car, and I forgot about how aggressive – and annoying – some of the sales strategies can be.  Tip number 2 – be prepared for the pitch before you go in, so you don’t end up panicking and spending more than you need to.

After looking at one car and running some numbers, I said I wanted to go home and discuss it with my husband.  At which point one of the sales people cornered me and shook his head.  He told me very seriously that, “The car could be gone this afternoon. This type of thing has happened before!” He then asked if I could get my husband on the phone so he could talk to him.  I declined his offer and told him I was wiling to “risk” it – which didn’t seem to be what he wanted to hear …

Remember – You’re In Charge

When buying a car, you may notice they will try to keep you in the dealership for a long time and have you talk to several different people – sales reps, finance guys, etc.  It can start to feel overwhelming and like you are out of control – which is, not surprisingly, when lots of us make bad financial decisions.

Some (most) salespeople will try to pressure you into buying – which is exactly when you need to remind yourself that you are in charge – not the other way around!  Before you go in, remind yourself that even though it is their job to sell you a car, it’s your job to protect your money and make the best purchase you can!

Have you ever bought a car because you felt pressured – and then regretted it?  

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