Getting Schooled?


Amy had recently paid her daughter’s private school tuition for next year, when she received the very unexpected news that she got into the public charter school in her area!  Given her daughter’s current tuition of $30,000 per year vs. the tuition free education at the well respected charter – she gladly accepted the offer.

The main money issue?  When Amy signed her daughter’s enrollment agreement at her private school, she contractually agreed to pay the tuition for the entire year.  But now Amy wants a refund – and is embroiled in a battle with the private school.  And while she agrees that she did sign the contract obligating her to pay the full year’s tuition, she still feels they should cut her a break and at least refund a portion of the money.

Some of our friends think she is being ridiculous for arguing when she herself agreed to the contract.  Others think it is worth fighting for — what do you think?

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3 Responses to “Getting Schooled?”

  1. Jenny M says:

    If the school can fill the space, then they should make a refund. Maybe if you offer to make a donation of 10% they will give you back the rest? Good luck

  2. Molly says:

    Agree with Jenny.
    If the school can fill the space with another studend, she should get a refund, minus perhaps a few thousand for the headache and extra paperwork.

  3. Ra-Ana says:

    She should get a refund, because in that same contract, the school agreed to educate her child for that year in exchange for that $30K. They will now not have to do that. The private school should institute a refund policy into their contracts…10% sounds about right.

Any Thoughts?