House Selling Headache


Our friend Kerry is about to put her house up for sale, and is in the midst of choosing a real estate broker.  The problem?  She has two friends vying for her business!

Her next door neighbor, Jane, is a realtor and a “neighborhood specialist” – leading the area in transactions for the past few years.  Jane is a pro at staging and selling homes, and gets top price for her sales…

But Kerry’s close friend Maggie is also a realtor – not as experienced as Jane, but really trying to build up her business  - and willing to offer Kerry a lower commission than Jane to do the transaction.

So now Kerry doesn’t know what to do – all she knows is she going to end up offending someone…   Should she go with Jane – who charges a higher commission but who is also more experienced – or with Maggie – who is less experienced but will also take less of a cut?

What would you do?  And how would you explain it to the friend you don’t choose? 

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5 Responses to “House Selling Headache”

  1. Liz v says:

    Get a real estate agent who isn’t a friend. Then no one can get too mad.

  2. Simone says:

    Kerry is forgetting about multiple listings. She can hire the neighborhood professional as the lead agent, but her friend will also have the listing….all the local agents will. If her friend sells it, she’ll have to share the commission with the lead agent, but she’ll still make money and get some experience. If the lead agent sells it first, then the friend can’t be angry. Selling a house is a major project best left in the hands of a professional with experience.

  3. louie says:

    Go with the experienced and proven winner. This is business and needs to be handled with your head and not your heart. Maggie has obviously not been around as long as Jane and this could possibly have been promised to Jane before Maggie was in the business. Simply be diplomatic and business like.

  4. Sue K says:

    Liz’s statement that she should use a 3rd party who is not a friend in many ways is the best decision, however I think they will still be unhappy. However Louie’s statement has some validity as well. Then we get to his last statement “be diplomatic and businesslike”. This is business and should be treated like business. Sit down and interview them as if they were not her friends and have a complete checklist to go thru with them as to what they are going to do to sell her home. When she has made her decision, then I feel she should invite them together over for coffee and let them know together that each of them is a good choice and that you do not want either to be hurt by her decision. It is business.

  5. LadyLee says:

    I’d invite both of them over for coffee at the same time and let them discuss the whole issue and why I should take one or the other.

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