Is Beauty Skin Deep?

by Brandi Savitt – March 14, 2013

Dollars & Cents Of Skin Brushing

When we think about caring for our skin, most of us think about what we see on the surface, and the products we need to buy and apply to make our complexion better.  But consider this: skin is our largest organ, and the one responsible for eliminating over a pound of waste each day from our bodies!  So helping our skin do its job even more efficiently will not only make us look better on the outside, it will make us healthier on the inside too…

What Is Dry Skin Brushing?

Scandinavians and Russians having been practicing dry skin brushing for centuries to improve the look of their skin and their well being.  Brushing the skin when it’s dry helps stimulate the body to naturally detox and purify itself. The best part – dry brushing is easy and a virtually costless daily ritual.  Here’s how investing $10 on an organic dry brush – and 10 minutes a day – will help improve your skin and your overall health!

Remove Dead Skin

By shedding dead skin cells, you will improve your skin’s texture, promote cellular renewal and make elimination through the skin more efficient. Removing dead cells daily will help reduce cell build up that can lead to eczema, psoriasis and dandruff!

Clean Your Lymphatic System

Our lymph system is part of our immune system, and it’s made of white blood cells and other fluids that transport nutrients while removing waste.  Our bodies contain far more lymph than blood.  Dry brushing stimulates our lymph system and helps it to detox – and a clean and efficient lymph system is key to good health!

Strengthen Your Immune System

Because dry skin brushing accelerates the clearing of toxins, it in turn boosts the immune system.  This daily ritual can be so effective, that after several days of dry brushing, sometimes you may notice a gelatinous mucoid material in your stools. It may sound gross – but this is a normal and healthy sign that the intestinal tract is renewing itself.  When you’re not feeling well, try dry brushing twice a day to help remove the toxins in your body faster!

Less Stressed Kidneys = Clearer Skin

If improperly maintained, the elimination duties of the skin are forced upon the kidneys. Keep your skin clear and rejuvenated by giving your kidneys a break.  Dry brushing before bathing helps to stimulate blood flow to the surface so toxins can more easily escape, reducing stress on our kidneys.

Increase Circulation & Prevent Varicose Veins

Clogged pores inhibit sweating – and our skin’s ability to breathe.  Dry skin brushing increases circulation to skin, stimulates the nervous system and encourages the body’s discharge of metabolic wastes.  And increased circulation even helps prevent varicose veins!

Reduce Cellulite

Toxins are often trapped in the subcutaneous later of fat cells just beneath the skin, and this contributes to the appearance of cellulite. Dry brushing is an inexpensive and non-invasive way to improve the appearance of cellulite!

Purchasing a Brush

All you need is a soft, natural bristle brush with a long handle.  Some brushes have removable handles and a strap or shorter handle. You can purchase one of these at a health food store, Whole Foods or online.  A good, organic dry brush should cost under $10.

How to Dry Brush

It is ideal to dry brush once a day right before before showering.  It is important to make sure that your skin is completely dry.  Start at the top of your body and work your way down.  And ALWAYS brush toward your heart! Use long motions on your arms and legs, with circular motions on your abdomen and back. Apply less pressure when brushing sensitive areas like your breasts or areas with thinner skin.  Be careful not brush over areas where you have a rash, bruise, cut or infection.

Here’s to a Fab, Fru & healthier you!

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