Is The Customer Always Right?

by Brandi Savitt -March 12, 2013

Lately it seems that every time Kimberly and Kate go out to eat with their friend Ashley, there’s some sort of food drama.  At dinner last month, Ashley’s burger was too well done, and her wine didn’t taste right so she sent it back.  A couple of weeks ago, she returned a cappuccino because it wasn’t hot enough.  All reasonable requests for a paying customer, and the waitstaff of both places more than made up for the kitchen’s error.  But last week Kate and Kim felt Ashley took things too far when she ordered a salad, requested several alterations and additions to the dish, and then ended up returning it because it wasn’t what she expected!

The waitress offered to bring Ashley something else, but she said she had to charge her for the salad because she had eaten half of it.  Ashley was furious and called over the manager.  After making quite a scene, the salad was removed from the bill.  Satisfied, Ashley tried to continue the meal as if nothing had happened, but Kate & Kimberly had lost their appetites….  They also vowed to each other to stop eating out with Ashley.

So – is the customer always right?  How would YOU have handled this situation? Tell us what you think!


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3 Responses to “Is The Customer Always Right?”

  1. Sue K says:

    No the customer is not always right and it sounds like each of the places rectified the minor issues with meals etc. This time it sounds like the restaurant made up something that was not on the menu. She needed to pay for it especially after eating half of it. I think that the friends should have spoken up and told her that she needed to pay for it. That the manager took it off the bill has now enpowered her to feel that she can do it again and again for no real reason whatsoever. They will continue to have a miserable time if they go with her but in reality what she is doing at the restaurants will spreadinto other parts of her life so they need to look her in the face and tell her that what she is doing is wrong and they will no longer be a party to it.

  2. Molly says:

    Totally agree with Sue.
    Ashley is a PITA – (pain in the a**)

  3. louie says:

    I’d stay away from Ashley and restaurants. This is beyond high maintenance and enters into the state of embarrassment and weirdness. I’d hate to invite her over for dinner.

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