Kickstarter’s Kicks Ass Grandma

We Love This 89 Year Old Entrepreneur

We absolutely love the inspirational story of Pearl Malkin!  She’s the 89 year old entrepreneur, who – with help from her grandson – raised funds on Kickstarter to start a new business.  Pearl’s company is called Happy Canes – as you can see above, she makes walking canes covered in fake flowers.  Way cheerier than just a plain old cane, we agree!

Not only is her Kickstarter campaign going gangbusters, but she also set up shop on Etsy so you can buy her colorful canes there – at $60 for an aluminum one or $90 for wood.  We think Pearl’s Happy Canes are a great gift idea!

Older Americans and Retirement

We have heard so much about the plight of older Americans having to work longer than they ever expected.  But thankfully, Pearl’s story seems to have a happy ending…

Pearl, who is a widow, lost a lot of her retirement savings in the tech crash.  And like many Americans, she is on a very limited fixed income.  Her budget is $1000 per month – of which $400 goes to rent.  But when she started selling her fab canes to friends, her grandson realized she may be able to expand her business…

Pay it Backward

It was Pearl’s grandson, Adam, who told her about Kickstarter and helped her get set up online.   And it got us thinking – how many of us have an older person in our lives who could use this kind of help – whether it be with tech or finances – or both?  If you can donate your time to an older person it can pay off huge – even if it is just teaching them iTunes and not starting a whole new business.

Fab & Fru Funding

The other great thing about Pearl’s campaign is that even a couple dollars makes a difference.  And check this out – for a $10 donation you actually get a voicemail from Pearl herself – which we are imagining will be priceless. Her campaign goes on through March 23rd so you have until then to donate. We salute Pearl for showing us all that you are never too old to start a new business!

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