The Sequester & You


Budgets and Bureaucrats

As you probably know, today is when a series of government budget cuts – aka the “sequester” – goes into effect.  Although you may be so sick of hearing the word sequester that you have tuned it out all together, without really learning what it’s all about…

The Fab & Fru five second run down is: the government is at a budget impasse and this has triggered automatic spending cuts starting TODAY – March 1st. The thought was, if the threat of these cuts were hanging over everyone’s heads, surely a deal would be made – which it was not.

Take It Personally

While the bureaucrats hash it out, maybe the more important takeaway from all this is - how can you avoid your own personal sequestration? Because we’ve all made gambles in our own lives similar to what the government is doing, right?

Many of us have had trouble with our personal budgets and tell ourselves if things don’t work out we’ll implement some sort of drastic fix down the road. So, rather than viewing this government sequestration as just another thing to be frustrated with Washington about, why not try to turn it into a positive in your own financial life?

Govern Your Own Household

Do what the government seems to be unable to do – take a good look at your own household budget and see where you can compromise.  It might just avoid your own need for painful cuts down the road!

Each of us has our own micro-governments happening within our own households.  We all have debates and struggles about entitlement vs. necessity and spending vs. saving – but something tells me you Fab & Fru ladies can do a better job negotiating than Obama and Boehner!

If nothing else, let’s not put off even for one more day the opportunity to take a serious look at our own financial issues to prevent this sort of mess from happening in our own lives.

What is your biggest household budget battle?  Is there one item that threatens to trigger your own personal sequestration?


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